Visual Studio 2008

Microsoft’s Visual Studio a comprehensive development environment from Microsoft. Visual Studio primarily equips you to build excellent software solutions for your organization. Visual studio applications offers good value for the investment made in their development; they can be designed to run on various platforms from desktops, mobiles to cloud computing.

Visual Studio triumphs over other platforms in the sense that it can be used to develop applications, web sites, web services in its native code as well as in conjunction with other platforms like Microsoft mobile, Microsoft windows, Windows CE, .NET Framework, .NET Compact framework & Microsoft Silverlight.

In short, a Microsoft Visual Studio certification enables you to develop amazing software solutions that are Comprehensive, Reliable, Integrated & Productive in nature; thereby offering good value for money invested.

There are two levels of certifications within the Visual Studio 2008 paradigm:

Two Levels of Certification

MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist): Ideal as an entry-level or foundation certification

MCPD(Microsoft Certified Professional Developer): Premier certification to demonstrate advanced knowledge and expertise.

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