The advent of computers gave rise to Information Technology (IT). Information Technology today has penetrated in every sector we can imagine. The scope of IT is applicable to the household, commercial, professional, military, government and many such services. Considering the most simplest form of web browsing to building complex applications, IT professionals are striving hard to make life much easier for the end user.

Owing to the revolution in IT today, many common tasks are just a click away like booking a movie ticket, buying clothes, transferring money, accessing the company web-client, etc.

Now, the question arises, how is this all done? IT has all the answers.

At GBIM Tech, we strive to make IT Professionals adept in Software and Networking likewise.

"A man with knowledge but without experience is like a well-furnished car without a motor". Our approach towards grooming students is not limited to providing theoretical know-hows of the subject. We provide practical experience to our students enabling them to get well versed with the technicalities of the IT market. The training provided in the classroom sessions gets justified while working with real-clients.

GBIM Tech Education provides a variety of professional certification courses in the field of IT Software and IT Networking. The courses provided at GBIM Tech are up-to-date with the ever growing IT market, which are specially designed after a meticulous research by our highly experienced academicians.

GBIM Tech offers Network and Software Courses which opens up various career options for students from being a CIO/CTO, Cloud Architect, CRM Developer, Database Developer, Web Developer, Network Administrator, Data Architect, Java Developer, and so on. As we can see the IT scope is not just limited to programming, but also to the management part of it. Our students our tailored according to their needs as they prepare themselves for a journey of their professional life.

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