Software Training


“What is software?” … “How is it made?” … “How does it work?”

These are few of the many common questions that students have in their minds. In the crudest language, one can define software as, a program which gets executed.

The roots of origin of software date back to the 19th century. However, mainstream commercialization was only achieved much later. Since its origin, software has incorporated many forms and has helped technology to surpass boundaries which were previously thought of impossible to breach.

Software and hardware go hand in hand. Hardware constitutes the physical component of a computer, whereas the software is the non-tangible part.

Unix, C, C++, Java, ASP.NET, Html, are all software which form the core of applications that run in a system.

A computer, a tablet, a smartphone, and now even a television has got software incorporated in it. Software has uncomplicated our life in many ways. Not just professionally, but a software has equal dominance in the commercial markets, as well.

Software per-se is a broad term. There are various sub-categories of software that give an individual the choice to select the field one wants to specialize. Some people are more logic-oriented; some people are function-oriented while some are creative. The software field has a place for every such mind.

There are many areas that a software engineer works as in; Developing an operating system, building device drivers, developing middleware and utility software, IDEs’ (Integrated Development Environments), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software, to name a few.

Multimedia, entertainment, financial, industrial, business, communication, science, music, education, video, etc are some of the many sectors that need and higher programmers. The basic aim of a software programmer is to simply the task with minimum resources used. In other words, optimize.

Industrial and professional level certifications validate a candidate’s credentials to perform tasks in a standard manner.

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C, developed by Dennis Ritchie, is the most basic and the simplest of languages. It is the precursor to the modern world of languages. A candidate who is aspiring to make a career in software programming should start with C...


Java was developed by James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, and Patrick Naughton. It was originally designed for interactive television and is a computer programming language. Java is class based and object-oriented...


ASP.NET, developed by Microsoft, is a server-side Web application framework, which aids programmers to build dynamic web pages, web sites, web application and services...


HTML 5 is a markup language used for creating, structuring, and presenting data for the World Wide Web. HTML deals with the layout and the content of a webpage...


MySQL is a database system, where SQL (pronounced as sequel) stands for Structured Query Language. In simple terms, database is a collection of data. SQL is a language used to access a database...


Creating graphics and self-publishing a wide range of printed matter at individual, business and commercial level, is possible with DTP...

Website Designing

Web designing basically pertains to the creation, development, and maintenance of a website. The core of website development starts from coding. However, coding only, will not serve the purpose...