PHP translates into Hypertext Preprocessor in the long form. This open source scripting language is a widely-known programming platform used in developing dynamic & interactive web pages & applications. So all PHP code is translated by a web server containing a PHP processor module to produce the resulting web page. Although it is server-side scripting language, it can also be used as a generic coding language.

The advantage of PHP is that free of charge, it can be run in integrated web server systems as well on isolated operating systems & platforms. The fact that it can be embedded into the HTML paradigm makes it a powerful alternative to Microsoft’s ASP. Apart from HTML, even CSS, JavaScript etc can be embedded into PHP code making PHP a versatile coding platform.

So in short, PHP is a useful platform to learn if you want to tackle coding on a cross-system environment, as is the case with almost all web applications today. So when are you learning PHP?

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