Both Ms-SQL & MySQL are the most popular relational database management systems ( RDMS). Being certified in these equips any candidate to apply for database management jobs across all industry segments.

Ms-SQL is Microsoft’s licensed relational database management system. With T-SQL & ANSI SQL as its primary query languages, this software product is the preferred choice for storing & retrieving data across a variety of networks. Also the number of rich features provided here outnumbers its limitations in terms of compatibility with a large number of platforms. Microsoft offers a few highly coveted certifications for Ms-SQL. Browse through below catalogue for more information.

MYSQL on the other hand, is the most prevalent open source relational database management system in use today. Being open source, it also integrates well with a larger number of platforms

This powerful database solution should be your preferred choice if you are looking for a scalable, easy-to-use but effective information retrieval system. Oracle offers credible certifications in Mysql. Browse through below catalogue for more information.

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