Java, the ubiquitous programming language and computing platform is used in billions of devices worldwide. Desktop Pc’s, Laptops, datacenters, gaming devices, supercomputers, cell phones, Internet: java’s is omnipresent today! This translates into a wide range of applications right from 3D Image views, corporate banking to online games & mobiles!

Its main strengths lie in its speed, security & reliability. Also, being a platform independent language, it can be used to develop applications across a wide variety of platforms: Web, Enterprise, Mobile etc. No wonder that its vast developer network contains millions of certified developers working on developing thrilling applications and services. There are two versions of java up for study:

Core Java: This version allows you to get acquainted with the basic syntax & concepts that generally make up the “Standard Edition “of Java. It equips you to develop stand-alone, general client-side applications used in desktops. Core java’s relevance lies in the fact that its fundamentals are the basis without which no one can progress onto advance java technologies.

Advance Java: This version of java involves specialization in a particular domain like Database handling, DCOM, Web, Networking. Implementing advance concepts jsp, struts, hibernate, jdbc, candidates then go on to develop advanced apps like web based & enterprise applications.

There are many certifications offered by Oracle today for Java. Browse through below catalogue for more details.

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