Html5 is the latest web designing standard available today. Involving new attributes like support for MATHML features, video-audio support, CSS3 support etc, the new HTML5 is an exciting new platform supporting a host of latest multimedia features. HTML5 has many new syntactic features that enable its users to present content on the internet creatively. In short, it is loaded with enough features today to create truly awe-inspiring websites.

Interestingly, as HTML5 subsumes the previous HTML4, XTHML1 & DCOM Level 2 it can also be used to develop mobile applications on a variety of platforms! No wonder HTML5 is one the hottest platforms today, coveted by millions of students worldwide looking forward to establishing a career in the field of web design.

The hottest & most credible certification here is Microsoft Exam 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with Javascript & CSS3.The exam covers new elements, attributes that have been introduced in HTML5.Apart from this, there are many local institutes, organizations offering credible training & certification in this domain. Contact us if you want to carve out an exciting career in the field of web design!

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